With the cold winter months upon us, looking stylish can be a bit of a challenge. Let’s find that champion sweater dress look you are searching for to style and wear again and again!

Sweater dresses come in all shapes and styles. Some are bulky and fit loosely while others are more form fitting.

Classic look

Stay extra cozy and look chic in a longer turtleneck sweater dress with high boots. Pair it with a mid-to- long wool coat. If your dress was not equipped with a turtleneck, you can add a coordinating knitted scarf to complete look of warmth and elegance. This is a great look that will go from day to night by adding a fabulous clutch bag and some long drop earrings.


Complete a sophisticated look just by adding one item to your form fitting sweater dress, the trench.  Whether you are adding boots or heels, your entire look comes together with a sexy pair of lace tights.

Bulky and beautiful

Looser fitting sweater dresses are so versatile. If you’re having a lazy weekend day and need a fun outfit to go meet some friends for lunch, pair your sweater dress up with a cute flouncy skirt underneath. Since ankle boots are all the rage this season, throw on a pair with some warm tights and a great bag.

Have some more fun and let a lacy or denim look peek out from under your sweater dress.

Another vogue look with this style of sweater dress is leather. Find many styles of leather pants or tights, even skirts, to pair with. You can also add a leather jacket, coat or boots.

When it gets closer to springtime, or if you are living in a warmer climate, ditch the tights and add some fabulous thigh high boots, ankle boots or even some adorable tennis shoes.

Diversify your look

You can make so many changes with different pieces. Make it more feminine or dressy by adding just the right jewelry. Longer necklaces and earrings really compliment a knit outfit.

Belts, blingy, leather or chained, will completely give you a different look style that is all your own.

Scarves are a great match with your sweater dress. Just add a contrasting color or pattern in any fabric, and you are instantly fabulous.

One of our favorite things about sweater dresses is that you can simply wear them any time of the year.  Once you know how to wear one, you can style it up or down, accessorize with more or less. And the beauty of it all is that no one will ever guess it’s the same dress twice!

Get to the point of style,

Lisa Coots-Schooley

Owner SPLURGE Boutique