It’s that time of year again for the perfect little accessory you have in your closet, the “Little Black Dress.”

Here are some great ways to revamp your style that’s sure to turn heads!

With so many holiday parties one little black dress can take you very far. It can be dressed up or dressed down. Depending on the occasion and the time of day, you can change a look with a pair of shoes, jacket, coat or a fabulous piece of jewelry.

I own several black dresses. I have one long black dress that can be worn to an elegant affair or even with a jean jacket to a luncheon.

My dresses all in different lengths. These too can be dressed to wear to any event, any time of the day or night.

Holiday parties usually call for cocktail length. But you can get by with any length that is suitable to your style and shape.

You can have so much fun with this. Try on some faux fur, either in a black, brown, grey or cream. This really adds so much elegance to your look and also keeps you very warm.

Wraps or scarves can look like they are part of your little black dress. Choose from any color palette or design. If you are someone who likes to add that little bit of pop of color, this is an outstanding choice. You could have worn the same dress last Saturday night to one event and paired with a color patterned scarf or throw it becomes a whole new dress at your next event. No one would ever know.

Coats, jackets capes and blazers are also a first-class choices. Any color will add personal style to your black dress and give you that polished confident look. This also gives you the option of changing your look by simply removing these pieces, or just throwing them over your shoulders for that little bit of sophistication.

Leg wear
Tights can be very dressy and sassy. Add some personality to your legs with some sexy black dotted tights. So many manufacturers are making many designs and styles to add to your black dress, as well as keep you warm.

Wow, you can really get out of this world with jewelry! Try to make that bold statement with a wide choker. This look is modern and fresh.

Another way to add some color and zing is with styles of necklaces. A long necklace is not only festive and fun, but it will make you look long and lean too!

Choosing necklaces that are unique in color and style will give you a variety of ways to mix other accessories like shoes and purses to this color palette.

Embellish your little black dress with a brooch or pin. Secure that glitzy bauble onto your little black dress and you’ve got a fresh in vogue outfit idea.

Foot wear
This is where the excitement starts. Pairing your little black dress with a saucy red shoe and “Wow!” That’s all we can say!

Nothing says cool like leopard-print shoes. A matching bag will give you that sexy edge.
Get noticed with some sparkle in your shoes and bag, silver or gold is a very chic look for your holiday party attire.

The best part of the “Little Black Dress” is that you create your own personal look and style. I am enchanted with the numerous ways that a single black dress can transform any woman into a confident fashionable woman.

Get to The Point of Style,
Lisa Coots-Schooley
SPLURGE Boutique