Depending on the style of your outfit or the event you are attending – styling with a necklace can be perplexing.

SPLURGE Boutique has all different lengths and styles of necklaces sure to bring out the gorgeous in you.

In selecting neckwear, remember necklaces are meant to enhance your outfit and compliment your face.

A short necklace should fall just below the hollow of your neck. When pairing with a crew collar outfit, it should fall just above. Your necklace should be visible and not covered. This is a style so versatile, it can be worn virtually with any type of outfit, casual or dressy, trendy or classic.

A craze we see from time to time are choker styles. Paired with a strapless or an off-the-shoulder outfit can be striking. This style also looks classy with corporate wear, such as button down blouses, blazers and vests.

Long necklaces are so much fun to add to any outfit. If you have one with a clasp you can wear this in various lengths and styles. Double it, and wear it short. Try twisting it holding both ends and clasp together.

Another style with a long necklace is layering. Depending on the length of the necklace you can layer two, three or four lengths.  You can also choose to wear the clasp in the front and dangle an inch or two of your necklace to create the look of a bauble or a “rosary’ look.

Another great idea is to tie a knot in your long necklace and wear with a beautiful maxi or long dress, or a dress with a low belt or beltline at the hips. This looks very high class for your business day with a blouse, turtleneck sweater or a lovely sweater dress. Pearls work especially well with this technique.

And always remember, you can never go wrong with a strand of pearls.

Shop SPLURGE Boutique today and choose the perfect look fit just for your phenomenal style!

Get to the point of style,
Lisa Coots-Schooley
Owner, SPLURGE Boutique